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India is one of last places in the world that you can see Tigers in the wild.
This is mainly thanks to Project Tiger, which was launched in 1973. This was after the numbers of tigers was seen to have reduced from 40,000 at the beginning of the century to a survey in 1972 which could only find evidence of 1827. In 1970 a national ban on Tiger hunting was introduced. On the launch of Project Tiger various tiger reserves were set up in India based on a 'core buffer' strategy. Within the core areas no human activity was to take place and within the buffer zones, only a limited amount of 'conservation oriented land use' activities were allowed. To start with 9 reserves were created and there are now 27. The most important of which are probably Corbett in Uttaranchal, Kanha in Madhya Pradesh and Sunderbans in West Bengal.

According to the Project Tiger official web site since the start of the Project (in 1972) the numbers of Tigers has increased from 1,827 up to 3,773 in 2001-2002. However, as these figures have not been updated for 6 years and we have read various newspaper stories claiming that two of the tiger reserves in Rajastan no longer have a tiger population, there is still great cause for concern.

Close to Goa there are Tiger Reserves in Karnataka the closest to Candolim is Bhadra which (in 2001) claimed a tiger population of 35.

Madhya Pradesh

This was one of our favourite trips, Tiger hunting (with a camera of course). One that we are likely to repeat at least once more. We flew from Delhi to Khajuraho via Varanasi and then took a 5 hour drive down to Bandhavgargh.

We stayed at the Tigers Den, Bandhavgarh which had comfortable rooms, friendly staff and a very knowledgable guide, although getting up at 5am each morning I think anything would seem comfortable.

After three days we then took a further 5 hour drive down to Kanha, where we stayed at Tuli Tiger Resort

The map above is to give you a feeling of whereabouts in India these reserves are. We would certainly recommend both Bandhavgarh and Kanha as very much worth visiting (particularly Bandhavgarh).


Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
Kanha Tiger Reserve
Sunderbans Tiger Reserve
Our trip to the Sunderbans was a complete disappointment and we certainly wouldn't go there again, but you might be lucky!

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