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Regal Park  -  Nature spotting

The Regal Park complex covers an area of 3.5 acres. Within the complex there are a number of Coconut trees and a Mango Tree. The resident White Throated Kingfisher resides in the Mango Tree and can be frequently seen by the pool. Other birds frequently seen are Kestrels, Eagles & Egrets. We have also spotted a group of three Monkeys on the rear wall. Unfortunately (so far) we haven't managed to capture these on camera

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White Throated Kingfisher This beautiful "resident" of Regal Park is the White Throated Kingfisher. It  resides in the Mango Tree and can be frequently seen by the pool.

It has a distinctive call, to alert you to its presence and the best time to spot it, is early in the morning.

This beautiful Egret was spotted stalking a lizard.

Other "residents" are a number of spectacular butterflies which can be spotted dancing around the flowers
White Throated Kingfisher
White Throated Kingfisher White Throated Kingfisher
Butterfly Egret

Candolim Beach  -  Dolphin spotting

Spotting Dolphins on the beach is one of our favourite ways of passing the time. Whilst not visible every day, sometimes you can be treated to a spectacular Dolphin display from the beach and these shows are free. Dolphin boat trips can be arranged which guarantee sightings, but not necessarily "jumping dolphins".

Dolphin Show Dolphin Show Dolphin Display Dolphin Display
We apologise for the lack of clarity of these photos, but feel they are worth showing so you can get a feel for it. These pictures were all taken from Candolim beach, with the Dolphins about 100~300m away

These pictures were taken whilst the Dolphin(s) were some distance out. To see some closer views (non jumping) click here

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